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What is normally filmed on your wedding day and how it will be shown on your wedding film.
• Bridal preparations (Montage of shots to music)
• Church before guests and groom arrive (Montage)
• Groom & Guests (Montage)
• Bride Arriving (Montage)
• Ceremony (Live)
• Arrival at hotel (Montage)
• Reception (unobtrusive shots of guests and bridal party)
• Photo Album ( staged shots of bridal party & family, working with photographer)

• Banquet Hall (Montage)
• Cake (Montage)
• Guests & bridal party entrance (Live)
• Cutting the Cake (Montage)
• Speeches (Live)
• Messages from friends and family (Live)
• First dance + 1/2 hour of dancing (Live) (no time restrictions)