Why would I hire a wedding videographer?

On your wedding day, photographs will capture images of the day. Wedding Video captures so much more: The vows that you say to each other, your speeches and messages from friends/family. With modern video, you will have a highlights film to share online and some amazing images that only wedding video can give. Wedding video captures the emotion, the surroundings and you and your guests. You will see parts of the day that may have been missed.

Will a wedding videographer be intrusive?

A lot of testimonials we receive mention how unobtrusive we were on their Wedding Day. As your wedding videographer we will dress appropriately for a wedding. During the ceremony we don’t move around a lot. While we film guests, we try to capture them enjoying themselves from a distance. For the dancing we don’t use distracting camera lights.

I’m thinking of asking a friend to film my Wedding Day?

If your friend is a professional wedding videographer you are in luck! However he or she may not film the whole day as they will want to be part of the celebrations. On a normal day the only time the videographer is not setting up or filming is when you are having your meal. If the person who is going to film parts of your day is not a professional be prepared for problems. These could include bad sound, shaky camera, out of focus, etc. A professional videographer has invested €1000s in equipment and has the expertise necessary to know what to film and creates a well edited film wedding DVD that you will enjoy watching.

Are there any extra costs?

Small travel fees may apply. If we are filming the whole day a meal in normally provided.

How much of the ceremony do you record?

We record the whole ceremony, except for the Liturgy of the Eucharist. We record the communion because at this time you are relaxed and chatting to each other and the bridal party. Also you can see a lot of the guests as well. For this reason we record all of you greeting your guests after the ceremony.

What do you film during the day?


  • Bridal preparations (Montage of shots to music)
  • Church before guests and groom arrive (Montage)
  • Groom & Guests (Montage)
  • Bride Arriving (Montage)
  • Ceremony (Live)
  • Arrival at hotel (Montage)
  • Reception (unobtrusive shots of guests and bridal party)
  • Photo Album ( staged shots of bridal party & family, working with photographer)


  • Banquet Hall (Montage)
  • Cake (Montage)
  • Guests & bridal party entrance (Live)
  • Cutting the Cake (Montage)
  • Speeches (Live)
  • First dance + 1/2 hour of dancing (Live) (no time restrictions)

What happens after our wedding day?

6 to 9 weeks after your wedding day a HD Wedding Highlights Film to be put online for you to share with friends and family.

A Draft of your Wedding Video will be sent out to you within 6-9weeks. For example if you want a song changed on one part of the DVD, this can be done before I send you the finished DVD package. Your finished Wedding Video Package will be sent to you between 20-30 weeks.

Do you choose the music for us?

No, you submit 6 song names, 3 upbeat and 3 slow that we will edit into the Wedding Video. We can help you with song choices if you want.

How long is the finished DVD?

This varies as each wedding is unique, however, for a full day package it is 2 – 2.75 hours in length.

How many Wedding Video DVDs will I get?

You receive 4 printed Wedding Video DVDs in a distinctive metal case. Check out our packages page for details.

What equipment to you use?

We use the new Sony FS700 HD, Sony A7 & Gopro black cameras with a range of sliders and stabilisers. For audio we use Sennheiser Radio Microphones and other mobile audio recorders! Check out my equipment page for more information.

What happens if your camera breaks down?

We always have a back up camera with us.

Does the Wedding Video DVD include a chapter selection menu?

Yes, we use full chaptered menus for your Wedding Video DVDs. The menu is a short film of your day. The DVD has different chapters for each part of the day with nice titles. Your Wedding Highlights film is included in the DVD.